Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gazpacho Smacho

First full day of "juice fasting". Not as exciting as the first (1/2) day.

Started off with the V28 juice. It wasn't very easy to get down, but we made our lunch juice at the same time, Gazpacho juice. Being that I am a fan of Gazpacho soup, I figured that this would be pretty good. So I choked down the V28 and patiently awaited the delicious drink in my future. It consisted of tomatoes, parsley, jalapeños, garlic, lime, celery, carrots, and cucumbers...all vegetables I like. 12:00PM...time for lunch! I pour the refreshing glass of gazpacho soup drink, feeling confident that it is going to leave a satisfying taste in my mouth. Lets just say, the Gazpacho drink tastes NOTHING like the soup. Not to mention the after taste continued to haunt me, well in to the new year. At that point, we had made three drinks each and only liked one of them...making the grand total for each drink $46! I was starting to get discouraged and knew that if I didn't eat some solid food soon, I was going to quit this new adventure faster than I had started it. So I went to the grocery store with the 500 other people who were getting their new years treats. Not the best idea. Juice fasting+being hungry+free samples around every corner+500 people=not a happy girl! After making my way around the store, I looked into my basket and realized every item in it was green.

Problem number 12 at least... But I was and am determined to make this work! I bought items to make an arugula and spinach salad with a mustard vinegarette. Sounds good right? It also had avocado and jicama so I knew I couldn't go wrong. I got home, and started to prepare the last meal of 2011. The kids ate scrambled eggs, toast, and had sparkling cigar. Price and I ate arugula salad and drank water. For the past 24 hours, everything we had put in our bodies was green, therefore, I had a hard time getting down the delicious salad. However, the best part of the salad was the avocado and jicama which at that point tasted like a prime rib steak!!!

To be honest, the rest of the night I felt a little naucious and didn't even feel like eating anything...I think that is the true reason why you lose would rather not eat than to drink that mess.

The documentary said that the first three days were the hardest! Hopefully they are right and hopefully we make it three days.......Wish us luck

To be Continued.

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