Friday, May 30, 2008

Riley's First Beach Trip

Well, we went to the beach a couple of weeks before I started blogging, but I just got the pictures from it and I wanted to share.  We went to Port Aransas for the weekend and stayed at the Seagull Condos.  The first night we were there, Riley, Mimi and I went down to the beach.  Riley wasn't really sure about the sand and the ocean at first, but she kind of warmed up to the water.  She still didn't like the was "dirty" but as long as she had her pinky shoes on she was ok.  I thought surely she would like to build a sand castle, but it turned out the only one having fun with that was me.  She didn't want to get her hands little diva!  
Overall we had a wonderful and relaxing trip.  Riley loved driving downtown and seeing all the statues of sharks and other fish.  Ever since then, when we talk about going to any kind of water, she wants to go to the "ocean."  I can't wait to go back and I know Riley will have even more fun the next time.  Enjoy the pictures...

Monday, May 26, 2008

My first time!

Well, I have decided to start blogging.  Apparently it is the era of a new age...I can't promise I will keep up with it as well as I should, but I figured for those of you I don't get a chance to talk to on a regular basis, this might be one way to see how things are going.  Plus I figured I didn't have enough things to do HAHAHA!  
Riley and I spent most of 
Memorial day 
in her new pool.  The top 
two pictures 
are in our 
back yard and the last one is at her Paw Paw's house in Austin.  She loves the little bathing beauty!  
Well, I think that blogging will be fun and I hope to hear comments from some of you on how you are doing.  Have a great Memorial Day and stay posted!