Monday, January 2, 2012

Soup to the Rescue!

The morning started off with a kale, strawberry, blueberry, coconut water, and kiwi juice. I know you are thinking I should bottle that juice up and sell it, but that isn't in the cards at the moment... It wasn't too bad, and it started off the last day of vacation on the right foot. However by noon, my stomach was ready for something else. Riley wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with cheetos (pure torture) and I just couldn't have another juice drink! Under duress, she accompanied me to Sprouts where we picked up some more produce to make a new soup recipe. Solid food at last! After 64 hours of only juice (with the exception of the dinner at my Uncle's) soup was a sight for sore eyes!!! The Green Vegetable Soup recipe on the "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" website was easy to make and very good! I doubled the recipe so that there would be plenty for lunch and dinner throughout the week.
Tomorrow will be a true testiment of dedication...going back to work with all the snacks that people bring and lunch with my friends will be hard to keep the self-control, but I have to do it!!! A couple of Delicious Green apples will be in my bag to keep me from digressing.
My sister started her juice fasting today and I haven't heard from her. Hoping she had a better first day than I did :).
I forgot to take any pictures today of the different foods, but I will try to remember tomorrow. Juicing on!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


We are now in our 55th hour of juice "fasting" and have made some realizations. Drinking just juice isn't going to cut it, so we have started to add some solid food to the mix. This morning started with an herbal tea with no sweetener and once Price got over, we made our morning juice, but this time it consisted of only fruit. If I had to drink a vegetable juice drink again, I was going to just fast in the traditional meaning of the word! To us, the fruit juice drink tasted like heaven and made the day start off right. We had the Blackberry Kiwi Morning Drink and it consisted of blackberries, kiwi, mint leaves, golden delicious apples, bananas, and pineapple...are you jealous?

As with any other diet, we have also realized that it must fit into our real world. We knew we were going to be going over to my Uncle's for dinner and wanted to judge the day accordingly. We had our morning fruit juice, then ate a REAL apple for a mid day snack. It helped curb the hunger and made dinner easier to make good choices. We couldn't possibly not have eaten their food, that would have been rude :-). Not to mention my will power is not that strong, nor do I want it to be. So...we did partake in a wonderful dinner with family for the new year! Eating a sensible dinner also renewed my spirits and dedication to continue on the juice diet tomorrow. Finishing off the day with some herbal tea and great company has started 2012 off on the right foot! We have decided that to make this work and to be realistic about it, we will eat a sensible, real meal once every three days for the next 15 days. That way we can renew our motivation and not feel so deprived... While at our Uncle Graham's, Riley met a new friend, but I wouldn't let her bring him home! She understood, but I guess that just means we have to go back again soon.

On to day three!

Gazpacho Smacho

First full day of "juice fasting". Not as exciting as the first (1/2) day.

Started off with the V28 juice. It wasn't very easy to get down, but we made our lunch juice at the same time, Gazpacho juice. Being that I am a fan of Gazpacho soup, I figured that this would be pretty good. So I choked down the V28 and patiently awaited the delicious drink in my future. It consisted of tomatoes, parsley, jalapeños, garlic, lime, celery, carrots, and cucumbers...all vegetables I like. 12:00PM...time for lunch! I pour the refreshing glass of gazpacho soup drink, feeling confident that it is going to leave a satisfying taste in my mouth. Lets just say, the Gazpacho drink tastes NOTHING like the soup. Not to mention the after taste continued to haunt me, well in to the new year. At that point, we had made three drinks each and only liked one of them...making the grand total for each drink $46! I was starting to get discouraged and knew that if I didn't eat some solid food soon, I was going to quit this new adventure faster than I had started it. So I went to the grocery store with the 500 other people who were getting their new years treats. Not the best idea. Juice fasting+being hungry+free samples around every corner+500 people=not a happy girl! After making my way around the store, I looked into my basket and realized every item in it was green.

Problem number 12 at least... But I was and am determined to make this work! I bought items to make an arugula and spinach salad with a mustard vinegarette. Sounds good right? It also had avocado and jicama so I knew I couldn't go wrong. I got home, and started to prepare the last meal of 2011. The kids ate scrambled eggs, toast, and had sparkling cigar. Price and I ate arugula salad and drank water. For the past 24 hours, everything we had put in our bodies was green, therefore, I had a hard time getting down the delicious salad. However, the best part of the salad was the avocado and jicama which at that point tasted like a prime rib steak!!!

To be honest, the rest of the night I felt a little naucious and didn't even feel like eating anything...I think that is the true reason why you lose would rather not eat than to drink that mess.

The documentary said that the first three days were the hardest! Hopefully they are right and hopefully we make it three days.......Wish us luck

To be Continued.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

New resolution! Juicing Diet 101!

So my sister, Catherine, came in over the break and started talking about this "new diet phase" of juicing... I listened to her and just ignored most of it, but humored her anyway. After she left and I got on the scale, I realized I needed to do something to change how I was eating...I texted her and asked for the title of the documenatary she had been talking about, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. My boyfriend, Price and I, sat and watched the whole documentary and proceeded to make our first purchase together....a Breville goes nothing.
We went to central market because I figured if all I was going to be able to do was drink juice, I was going to drink the best juice I could make from the freshest produce! $75 later, we returned home and I put the ingredients for each recipe in separate bags to make it easier.

Friday we got home from walking to find the juicer on the front porch......can you imagine the excitement??? (sarcasm implied)
We made our first drink, the Giant Green Berry Blend consisting of beet greens, 24 strawberries with the green taken off, one golden delicious apple, two bananas, 2 cups of coconut water, and 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil....I know you are salivating now! Honestly, it wasn't that bad. Later we had some herbal tea and called it a night. Dinner of day one. We will have to see how it goes, but it is worth a try and surely can't hurt.

Don't worry, we are not subjecting the kids to any of this craziness, but they think we have lost our minds!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Only a year