Monday, December 29, 2008

Teacher's Break!

Well, the holidays started with my graduation!!!  YEA!!!  I wasn't going to walk the stage for graduation, but 
at the last minute I decided I needed to.  I didn't want to regret not doi
ng it, and I knew this was not something I could get back.  SO...I did it and am very glad I did.  It is something to be proud of!  Especially completing my degree with a 4.0, having gone through a divorce during classes, having a 2 year old toddler, working full time, and finishing in a year and a half!  Not to toot my own horn, but lets give credit where credit is due :)
Riley is now at the age where she really enjoyed Christmas this year.  She knew Santa was coming to see her and she kept singing, "Santa Clause is Coming into Town."  However, her favorite is "Jingle Bells."  It was so fun and she MUST have been very good this year.  Her Christmas started with her dad (Darryl) at his dad's house.  I know she had fun and she came home with a
digital camera from her Auntie Danielle.  She loved it and it gave her justification to boss people around.  "Stand in front of the tree." "Say cheese." "Say Chee
se."  "Say Cheese." Then Riley can over to my dad's house and spent a couple of hours th
ere opening more presents.  I think her favorite there was the art easel.  Then we came home to pick up Catherine and headed to my mom's house.  Again...more presents!  There she got a Dora Big Wheel, puzzles, and coloring books.  At 
about 8:00, we headed back to our house and I told her Santa had come to mamma's house too.  Did she want to open more presents or wait till tomorrow?  Dumb question I know, so needless to say we opened the last of her 
presents.  Santa brought her play doh, "lip-skit", and a Cabbage Patch kid.  After four Christmases (yes, like the movie, but much happier), we got home on Christmas night and she said, "Mommy, my arms are tired."  Pretty funny!

My sister is in town from Cincinnati and staying with me and Riley.  She will be here till Friday and Riley is loving having her here.  (So am I) 
Darryl's dad started Chemo and radiation today.  He will be doing both for the next 15 weeks or so.  I haven't talked to him today, but Darryl said things went well.
Although the past few days have seemed very action packed, I can't seem to think of anything else to say right now.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and for those of you who are still off work, enjoy the rest of your break!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


This weekend Riley is with Darryl and he took her up to Austin to visit her Paw-Paw.  It was good for both of them.  Riley is good medicine for anyone who needs a laugh!  She is HILARIOUS and at the perfect age right now.  Courtney, Darryl's dad, is doing very well and has been cleared to do anything, including driving.  So things are looking up.  I received a email from Danielle and she said that unless you knew he had been through major brain surgery a week ago, you wouldn't know anything was wrong.  
Friday morning, Danielle took Paw-Paw to a follow up doctors visit with the neurologist where the diagnosis was confirmed.  Glioblastoma Multiforme, or GBM, Grade IV brain tumor.  He will have an MRI next week to give the oncologists a baseline for therapy.  Courtney has decided to use the same oncologist that Darryl's mom used and he feels very comfortable with this.  He has also told Darryl that he is planning on doing whatever he needs to in order to prolong his life.  He is in good spirits and ready to take this on full force! 
Thank you all for your prayers, and they will continue to be needed!  

Monday, December 8, 2008

It's AMAZING what can happen in two short weeks...

Good News First:
Thanksgiving was great.  I hope you all had a wonderful time as well.  Riley and I went over to my mom's house for dinner. Ben's sister and brother came over to celebrate with us as well.  We had never met them before so that was nice.  The only one missing was Auntie Catherine, but she was there in spirit.  We are looking forward to her being here at Christmas.
The Longhorns won the game against the Aggies so we gained bragging rights for another 
As of 
December 3rd, I am officially done with my grad school classes and have a Master's in Educational Leadership.  I will begin looking for an administrative job in 
January and hopefully acquire one for the fall.
Saturday, December 6, Riley and I had Mom and Ben over for dinner and we decorated cookies.  Riley had a blast and some of the icing even ended up on the cookie.  Definitely a perk of living in Texas...we were able to take on this craft outside!  She loved every minute of it, and I must say, dinner wasn't bad either...
Prayer Request:
Last Sunday (November 30), Darryl's dad was hanging light on his house so that Santa would know where his house was for Riley.  As he was hanging lights, he fell off his ladder and hit his face pretty hard.  After calling an ambulance, he was taken to the hospital where they ran routine tests to make 
sure he had not sustained any injuries from the fall.  Although there were no injuries cause by the fall, the doctors did find a mass in his brain and decided to transfer him to downtown Austin where he would undergo surgery the next Tuesday (December 2nd).  What they found was a stage four malignant brain tumor.  Doctors removed what they could, but assure the family the the tumor will return and prognosis is not good.  I have been in close contact with Darryl, and his dad is now home and feeling better.  He is eating more and getting around a little more.  However, the next few months are going to be very trying on the family, especially Danielle and Darryl.  Please keep Courtney, Danielle, Darryl, and Riley in your prayers.  I will keep you updated as I hear more.