Sunday, January 1, 2012


We are now in our 55th hour of juice "fasting" and have made some realizations. Drinking just juice isn't going to cut it, so we have started to add some solid food to the mix. This morning started with an herbal tea with no sweetener and once Price got over, we made our morning juice, but this time it consisted of only fruit. If I had to drink a vegetable juice drink again, I was going to just fast in the traditional meaning of the word! To us, the fruit juice drink tasted like heaven and made the day start off right. We had the Blackberry Kiwi Morning Drink and it consisted of blackberries, kiwi, mint leaves, golden delicious apples, bananas, and pineapple...are you jealous?

As with any other diet, we have also realized that it must fit into our real world. We knew we were going to be going over to my Uncle's for dinner and wanted to judge the day accordingly. We had our morning fruit juice, then ate a REAL apple for a mid day snack. It helped curb the hunger and made dinner easier to make good choices. We couldn't possibly not have eaten their food, that would have been rude :-). Not to mention my will power is not that strong, nor do I want it to be. So...we did partake in a wonderful dinner with family for the new year! Eating a sensible dinner also renewed my spirits and dedication to continue on the juice diet tomorrow. Finishing off the day with some herbal tea and great company has started 2012 off on the right foot! We have decided that to make this work and to be realistic about it, we will eat a sensible, real meal once every three days for the next 15 days. That way we can renew our motivation and not feel so deprived... While at our Uncle Graham's, Riley met a new friend, but I wouldn't let her bring him home! She understood, but I guess that just means we have to go back again soon.

On to day three!

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